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Introducing Rosalee

As you already know, or at least you should, I have been working for the last year and a half on a project that is a collection of fantasy stories with characters inspired by TikTok creators. One of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done was approaching these creators and asking if they would allow me to share their names as inspiration for the characters I’ve created.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to support those creators by helping to spread the word about them. As I scrolled the FYP (for you page) I found so much inspiration from videos, both from people who were wildly creative with makeup and costume, and people who were just being themselves.

Luckily, quite a few of them agreed to allow me to share them as the inspiration behind these characters and that is what I want to do here. I will post videos and photos of the creators who have agreed to stand as the physical inspiration for the fantasy creatures I’ve created.

Introducing..... Rosalee

Type: Jaguar Shifter

Backstory: Rosalee was recruited to be a Peacekeeper as a young child after a tragic accident left her without a family. Now one of the top protectors in Novia, she is on an important journey to save the Last Keep, the home of the only family she’s ever known.

Rosalee was inspired by: Jasmine Edwards (@jae.minnie)

Why Jasmine?

Jasmine's energy in her tiktoks is bold. I first found her Slapping Videos and quickly became a huge fan! I immediately thought a Jaguar in a world where she stands out but finds a way to not only blend in but to make her mark. Rosalee's character is your face and she stands her ground on what matters most to her, just like Jasmine.

Checkout the tiktok that started it:


Jasmine agreed to do a quick interview and you can see their answers below. Make sure that you check out this creator’s social media, follow them, and show them some love and support. And don’t forget to grab your copy of Tales of Novia!

What inspires you to create your content?
To give viewers a sense of relatability as it relates to injustice and social issues. I have a deep passion to bring attention to social issues in hopes to spark a conversation that eventually leads us to a better society. I have always been argumentative and outspoken with this need to be right. So naturally, I love to challenge other people and the values they stand by. Being someone who spent a long time keeping my thoughts to myself, now I feel this urge to speak up not just for myself but for those who have felt the impact of the problems created by our society i.e. colorism, racism, misogyny etc.

Do you have any specific goals for content creation?
Drawing from my response up above, my inspiration comes from my own first-hand experiences and the mistreatment of others I've witnessed. In my younger years, I felt like I didn't have a voice due to the bullying and toxic environments I grew up in. Now, when I see those same personalities that caused me to feel that way, I get defensive.

What do you hope to convey to your audience? Is there a special message behind your work?
I'd say the overall message behind my work is simple. Speak up. Whether you're a massive influencer or an average Joe, that one act of defiance can cause a wave of action that brings about the change we needed to see.

Do you have any specific goals for content creation?
Continue to grow and reach more people. Whatever comes, comes.

Watch the intro to Jasmine:

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