Meet the Characters

They all have something to fight for. 

When darkness threatens your world what would make you stand and fight?

It Started With Jinn 

“When are you going to join us, Jinn?” Memories of a time long since forgotten by the world, were interrupted by the voice of a man he begrudgingly called friend. A fresh pair of beers had just touch the bar, left behind by a curvy woman who winked at Jinn and frowned at his friend. She tossed the long locks of red over her shoulder and sauntered over to the other side of the bar. 

“I told you, I’m not a part of this.” Jinn put the bottle to his lips and took a swig. The cool liquid was the refreshment he needed after traveling through the heat to meet his friend. He watched the bold woman who tended the bar. Every so often her eyes would dart to him and then away to something he knew wasn’t holding her attention. She recognized him, he could tell by the way she looked at him. There weren’t many places he could go without getting that look. He was unaligned, Switzerland in a world engulfed with war and hatred. This meant no one would mess with him, but no one trusted him either. The risk simply wasn’t worth it. If it did come to light that he was aligned with someone more powerful and they messed with him … well, it would mean their ass. Not to mention that he was in fact a djinn, powerful and no longer bound to a vessel. He required no wishes to make his magic work.

“How can you continue to say that you aren’t a part of it? Man, you were the start of this! Can’t you see that?” Mike shook his head and focused on his breathing. He needed to calm down. When he got too excited, his words would stretch syllables in what most would find to be an unnatural way. It was a characteristic he tried to mask when not at home. Better chances of blending into the world around him when he wasn’t hissing at the end of every sentence. This wasn’t the first time he tried to convince the man to align with his side, and it wouldn’t be the last. Jinn never had the guts to tell him, if he wanted to pick a team, a band of outcast shifters wouldn’t be his first bet.

“How was I the start of all of this shit?” Jinn placed his beer on the table and turned in his seat to give his company his full attention. He heard the bartender sigh as his arm braced his weight on the bar and the leather jacket he wore tightened around his muscles.

“Come on, the first djinn to ever be set free, to live amongst the humans. Everyone knew who and what you were! Did you think no one else would see that, and want it for themselves? I swear, that wish, the one that got you out of that bottle for good, it was the catalyst for all of this.” Mike leaned back in his seat. “Say what you want, but yeah, you’re patient zero.”

“You’re seriously going to sit here, drinking the beer I paid for, and try to blame this mess on me?” The world was a bleak place and it didn’t start because someone made a wish. People, both human and not, were greedy and selfish. They would do whatever it took to get what they wanted. His getting out of the bottle had no impact on that.

“Hey, I’m not blaming you. Hell, if anything we should all be thanking you. Now we’re on top and the humans bow to us. They run and flee, as it always should have been!”

Scenes from the Book! 


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