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An action packed dystopian story line that follows a group of friends fighting to save the world. We start with Jinn a warlock turned djinn at the hands of a dark magic. He has been a neutral party in this new world. Until Mike, a friend tells him that the love he thought he lost forever is alive and trapped in a dark place. Jinn will do whatever it takes to get her back, even if that means burning the world down to do it. The fight to save his wife starts off a chain reaction that just may bring about the second apocalypse. 

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The Scorned By The Gods Series 

Cursed by the God of  War, Asa was turned into the Sphinx. For years she served as the monster who tormented the city of Thebes. Through a loophole in the curse she found a way out of the hell Ares left her in. Centuries later, the Gods have fallen from Olympus but they're making an attempt to return to the throne. 

Asa has made it her goal to stop that from happening. 

Find out what happens when she wages war against the God of War! 

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A moment of fear unleashes a power that Syrinada never knew she possessed. Men fall at her feet at the sound of her voice, while a family secret unravels and forces her to go on the run. 

On top of trying to figure out this new side of herself, Syrinada is asked to choose a mate. As if that is the thing she needs to be worried about while on the run from her murderous father and the coven of witches who all think that she is too powerful to exist. 

Can she control these new powers in time to save her life? 

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FINAL _Imara - A Wintry Seduction- Jessi

The High Arc Vampires

Alexa is reunited with her best friend Jazz who forces her back into the land of the living. After her return to the life she left behind she meets Lacal who introduces her to a world she had no idea existed. He tells her that she is not a normal human, in fact, she isn’t human at all. She is the intended Queen of a hidden race of vampires. No, these aren’t the standard vampires that you have read about in countless tales. These vampires are not from earth, they aren’t a genetic mutation of humans. Their previous Queen brought them to Earth when their home planet fell into the grasp of Darkness.


Now Alexa must return with Lacal, who is her Serve. He is meant to protect her, keep her safe and help to guide her on her journey. Darkness is coming and Alexa must train, fight for her right as Queen, and protect her people.


the alpha series

The series starts with Malcom, a devoted wolf who is kicked out of his pack over his love of a human woman.  After spending years on the run, forced to kill his own family that his former Alpha sent after him, Malcom is asked to return home. The Alpha has gone mad and the entire pack is at risk because of his own paranoia. 

When faced with this request Malcom asks himself one question. Why the hell should he help the people who killed his woman and turned their backs on him?

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The Stand Alones

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Nuria hopes for one thing. To be able to leave her home and explore new realms. In order to do that she must gain her wings.

A Phoenix is nothing without her wings. The final challenge she must face before she is granted the freedom she wishes for is to conquer the sexual goddess within her. To aid her she is given a tutor, Carrick. He is a rogue who just returned home and seemingly wants nothing to do with her.

​Will she learn to control her other side or will the tension between them be too much to bear?

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Kendra is a werewolf who was raised by her adoptive vampire family.  Her entire life she has wanted answers about what happened to her parents but her vampire father refused to tell her. When dear old dad takes off for a business trip Kendra decides to go on the hunt for the answers she seeks. What she finds out is much more than she bargained for. 

Kendra is the hybrid and in her world the coming of the hybrid is the first sign of the apocalypse.

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A desire for Light. A mark for Dark. A fate that would change the world.

Sierra Grey is a Daughter of the Dark, simply put, she’s a bad witch. As good as she is at being bad, it never felt right to her. There was always the longing for something more, something she shouldn’t give two cents about, LOVE.

Unfortunately for Sierra, love was not something that could penetrate the icy exterior of the heart of a Daughter of the Dark. Just as she’d begun to accept that she was destined to be alone, everything changed.

Her new attraction to Horacio, a Light witch, goes much deeper than a physical attraction. Her budding feelings for him is not only against the law, but it puts a target on her head.

Will Sierra ignore the feelings she begins to feel and return to the Dark or will she risk it all for the chance of something more?


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