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A desire for Light. A mark for Dark. A fate that would change the world. 

Sierra Grey is a Daughter of the Dark, she’s a wicked witch. As good as she is at being bad, it never felt right to her. There was always the longing for something more, something she shouldn’t give two cents about, LOVE.

Unfortunately for Sierra, love was not something that could penetrate the icy exterior of the heart of a Daughter of the Dark. 
Just as she’d accepted that it was her destiny to be alone, everything changed. 

Her unexpected attraction to Horacio, a Light witch, goes much deeper than a physical attraction. Her budding feelings for him are not only against the law, but it puts a target on her head. 

Will Sierra ignore her misplaced emotions and return to the Dark or will she risk it all for the chance of something more?

No Love for the Wicked - Signed Copy

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