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Help Families Around the World 

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Hi compassionate souls,

My name is Salim. I am a British Palestinian. I have lived, with my wife and 3 kids, and worked in the NHS for over 20 years now.

I am raising funds on behalf of my family (32 members of immediate family - my father, mother, brothers and sisters,

my nieces and nephews). They are trapped in Gaza, living in tents with the bare minimum of access to water, food or the minimum basic needs. I feel ashamed that I am living a privileged life here in the UK, while my family are at risk of dying at any second, if not from bombs, it will be from starvation, dehydration or disease.

Unfortunately they are trapped in Gaza as they don’t have British citizenship like me. They are not permitted to pass through the Rafah border crossing into Egypt.

Tech Lead


my name is Valerie Maganya, I am was born and raised in Congo. Being a survivor of both the Rwandan and Congo genocide. I understand first hand how traumatizing it is to be in such situation.

leaving in America now for quite sometimes, it has given me the opportunity to heal from my experiences. Seeing what’s currently happening to women and children of Congo has been one of the hardest yet triggering time.

Many women and children in congo are suffering and don’t have access to basic needs. Such as food,water and shalter.

Please, help provide food and shelter for children and women in Congo.

For more information please visit focus Congo none profit organizations.

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My name is Wesam Balousha. I work as a photojournalist and sound engineer located in Gaza.


I live and work in the Gaza Strip. Life has taken a drastic turn for the worse and our lives have been turned upside down with the sounds of screams and pain, with non stop bombardment. Broken limbs blown up children and destroyed homes.


Today I say enough is enough. I do not want my children my family those I love to suffer the same dire fate that so many innocent civillians have. I cannot bare to watch my babies die or suffer the trauma of losing us. They have seen as children what war veterans are afraid to see. A lifetime of therapy won’t cure what they have gone through and witnessed. So I’m not allowing them to see any more.


I am trying to evacuate my family. Because of the frenzied war on Gaza. My family, which consists of fifteen members, half of whom are children, has been displaced again and again from one house to the next from tent to tent and often with hardly any clothes no food no winter wear.


From time to time, we move from one place to another in search of safety. Safety does not exist only terror, death, destruction, starvation and war torn land. No love no hope and pure devastation.


Safety ceases to exist in Gaza. Therefore, we are now looking for a place outside Gaza to find a spec of safety for the rest of our lives maybe we can have some moments of peace that may undo what we have gone through. May be undo it a little or just enough so that we don’t have nightmares of death and worry every moment that this will be our last.


Perhaps we will not have enough time to leave. Perhaps this is a wasted effort as at any moment ITF could raid Rafah and we will be exposed to death or worse injury with no medicine anaesthetic or hospitals. Unfortunately a fate worse than death.


However we put our last smidgen of hope in you, the people, as perhaps through your help we can escape to safety in some way.


If you can’t donate please share our message with others who can. Just share our message as it may be the last message we send out.


Thank you from the depths of my heart for caring, reading understanding and trying to remove our pain with a glimmer of hope.


May god bless you all.



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Product Manager

The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently witnessing one of its worst phases of violence, exploitation and displacement in history, with approximately 6 million citizens internally displaced. The quest for cobalt and extremist militias waging war in eastern provinces of Congo are causing a silent genocide of the Congolese. Collaborative efforts should prioritise civilian safety, stability promotion, and the development of long-term solutions to end the cycle of violence that has afflicted the region for far too long.


I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart but also with a profound sense of duty. Congo is bleeding. As a Congolese woman, I am deeply aware of the ongoing crisis in Goma Congo, where families are being displaced due to conflict and instability. Bombs are being dropped, mothers are being raped and kids are being ripped from their parents. It’s a reality that cannot be ignored, and it is a responsibility that we all should feel.


We are launching this crowdfunding campaign to support the non-profit organisations that are tirelessly working on the ground in Congo to provide aid and assistance to those who need it most. Every euro raised will go directly to these organizations, who are doing incredible work despite facing immense challenges themselves. From providing food and shelter to offering acute medical care and education, they are making a real difference in the lives of displaced families.But they can't do it alone. They need our support. They need our solidarity. They need our help.


I urge you to join us in this mission. We are all indirectly responsible for what’s going on in Congo, when it comes to the constant exploitation of the people and their land for raw materials they need for our phones, cars and other electronic devices. This needs to stop!


Together, we can bring hope to those who need it most.


Thank you for your support.


Tricia Nganga Mokosi


These are the pages to follow. @focuscongo @pappyorion @juicebaeinthewild

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