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Introducing Mizet & Webster

As you already know, or at least you should, I have been working for the last year and a half on a project that is a collection of fantasy stories with characters inspired by TikTok creators. One of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done was approaching these creators and asking if they would allow me to share their names as inspiration for the characters I’ve created.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to support those creators by helping to spread the word about them. As I scrolled the FYP (for you page) I found so much inspiration from videos, both from people who were wildly creative with makeup and costume, and people who were just being themselves.

Luckily, quite a few of them agreed to allow me to share them as the inspiration behind these characters and that is what I want to do here. I will post videos and photos of the creators who have agreed to stand as the physical inspiration for the fantasy creatures I’ve created.

Introducing..... Mizet & Webster

Type: Familiar and Daemon

Backstory: Webster is a daemon (not bad) a magical being who has a soul tie to a living person. As long as Webster lives so shall his Familiar. His Familiar can speak to him and makes sure that he is taken care of. Webster has a thirst for adventure and knowledge which is why he chose Mizet as his familiar.

After Webster called Mizet from Earth, she was made immortal. She travels the lands of Novia with Webster, documenting all that she finds, and takes her notes to Risa the Librarian. Through her work, Risa and others are able to figure out important information about Novia which may lead to saving their world.

Mizet &Webster were inspired by: Monet Izabeth (@monet.izabeth)

Why Webster and Monet?

I saw this amazing tiktok (one of the many that Monet posts) of her and Webster trekking through what appeared to be the snowy tundras of some great mountainside, and Webster really caught my eye. Immediately, I imagined that he would have this huge personality and their bond would be something that inspired greatness in the world around them. Luckily, Monet was open to my musings and during one of my lives agreed to let me use them both as inspiration.

Checkout the tiktok that started it:


Monet agreed to do a quick interview and you can see their answers below. Make sure that you check out this creator’s social media, follow them, and show them some love and support. And don’t forget to preorder Tales of Novia!

What inspires you to create your content?
I love to travel, but I didn’t see what I loved about it reflected in the media: travel shows on mainstream networks felt stale, and travel on social media (which was mainly Facebook and Instagram at the time) felt idealized and out-of-touch. I started creating travel content with the hope to make something that felt more relatable to the travel experience I loved, something that included the chaos and beauty of it in one.

Do you have any specific goals for content creation?
I hope that my content makes people feel comfortable, like they too could try something new or go on an adventure of their own. I fail quite a lot on my adventures, things go wrong and goals don’t get met, but it’s all part of the experience of getting out into the world. I hope that by being open about learning and failing at new things, people might feel a bit more confident at stepping out of their own comfort zones. I also want to encourage people to invest in local communities and experiences when they travel, to get out of the resort life and get excited about locally-owned businesses.

Tell us more about your relationship with Webster. Any fun facts you would like to share?
I adopted Webster when traveling for a living was just a tiny seed in the back of my brain that I was trying to make into a reality, so he’s really been there through it all. Right when I got him, I was so excited and immediately took him for a walk….and he was SO SLOW! It took us 45 minutes to walk a few blocks and I thought I was going to die of boredom. So I started to read while walking him (yes, that’s how slow he was going!) and I’ve continued to do that twice a day with him for the past seven years. Now that he’s getting older and walks even less, I’ve started walking without him, but I’ve kept up the reading! After seven years, I’ve become very skilled at reading-while-walking.

Watch the intro to Mizet & Webster:

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