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What a decade can do.

There's a trend now on Facebook to show your first profile pic vs your current. Here are mine. 2011 vs 2021.

At first when I looked at these photos, I thought, "I look the same, hair is bigger but it's still me."

Then I took another look. There are a lot of differences between the two.

2011 Jessica was unsure of herself. She lived in the living room of her grandparent's house with her 1 year old son. She'd published her first book but was full of doubt having realized the mistakes she made with the process. She was terrified of failing and nervous about what the future would bring.

2021 Jessica has grown so much. Now living in her own home, she is working on her brand, building her business and preparing to publish four new books to bring that total to 30! She understands that failure brings lessons and fosters growth. She has an actual plan for her future now and she is excited to see how it all unfolds.

Time hasn't done much to my physical appearance, despite the change on the scale and the ache in my knees when it rains, I'm practically the same. But there has been a world of change internally. My mindset has changed. My outlook on life. I suppose that wasn't the purpose of this trend. It was likely meant for superficial comparison, but I couldn't help but look deeper.

I only hope that a decade from now I can look back on this post and find that I've continued to grow and transform. It'd also be nice if that skin still glows the same!

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