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Struggling to produce. Time to Reevaluate.

We are in an age where it’s expected that we constantly produce content for the consumer. Outside of the books themselves, there are social media posts, graphics, videos, blog posts, on and on. I’m at a point where I’m just trying to figure out the next phase. I want my readers to have everything they want, but I don’t want to burn out trying to produce it all.

I’m struggling though with this question: Why can’t I come up with enough content?

I want to publish more short stories, let the reader see behind-the-scenes info, publish character profiles, do interviews about my work, on and on. I want to support myself with my work and still produce enough to keep people interested in between releases. But I’m feeling the burnout.

And I think it comes down to one thing…. I’m doing too much. Writing several series at once. Managing multiple social media platforms. Writing blogs, newsletters, etc. All this on top of my day job. And I’ve lost the structure I had in place for producing the material. No wonder I’m burning out.

So over the next few weeks, while I wrap up my current project, I will slow down on social media and reevaluate the time put into things. For instance, I love TikTok but honestly, my content barely gets seen anymore and the time I’m putting into that platform needs to go into other projects. I need to organize myself for the things I want to do in the future and align my current actions with my future goals.

I’ll focus more on creating written content on my website and Kofi. (I set that up, even paid for the advance options, and then did nothing with it!) **Insert Face Palm Here**

I’m sharing this because I know that there are other creatives, some who follow me, who hit this wall too. We are not alone in this. And it may feel like you’ve somehow failed when you can’t keep up with the production. But it’s a good practice to recognize what’s happening, take a step back and refocus. Your audience will appreciate you for it, and the art you produce will benefit from it.

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