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Speak it into existence.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I don’t know how many of you actively set goals for your new year. Do you sit down and write out your resolutions? All the things you hope to accomplish? Well, I don’t.

I set intentions.

I think about what I want from the year and I think about what lessons I want to learn. In recent years, my focus has been on growth personally, professionally, spiritually, and mentally. That’s what mattered because I realized to become the woman that I want to be, I had to grow and heal on many levels. And trust me when I say that process was as amazing as it was painful.

For 2022 I did the same. I set my intentions and focus on the lessons I want to learn, but I added something else. This year I added a few affirmations, and I said these in the present term, as if they are already mine.

I have affirmed that I have more opportunity to speak to audiences and spread my knowledge. I help other authors, both new and established, build and grow their platforms. My own platform triples in size. I publish twelve new books with tremendous success.

There’s something about saying this in a present term that makes it feel real and more accomplishable. Sometimes we get in our heads and we think about how we want things to be. We think about how we hope they can be and this makes our thoughts go into a negative energy because we’re thinking in terms of things that we wish we could have and if we don’t already, we’re lacking of those things.

A lesson I took from 2021 and the years prior is that our way of thinking, the way we express our desires in this world, really matters. So when you speak these things in a positive present term, the universe hears the difference, and it understands that you are open to and welcoming of these things.

In 2022, I have an abundance of opportunities for growth and success. In 2022, I grow beyond my wildest dreams.

What do you affirm for your 2022?
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