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No Love for the Wicked - My Birthday Release!

Previously featured in the Claimed by temptation Anthology. No Love for the Wicked is now available for Pre-order for Solo Release with new content! I was supposed to be celebrating my birthday on an amazing trip to Madrid & Barcelona but with the state of the world, I'll be sitting my bum right here in Chicago so I decided to celebrate in a different way. I'm so excited to be dropping this release on my birthday! Help me bring my day in with a bang and pre-order your copy!

A desire for Light. A mark for Dark.

A fate that would change the world.

Sierra Grey is a Daughter of the Dark, simply put, she’s a bad witch. As good as she is at being bad, it never felt right to her. There was always the longing for something more, something she shouldn’t give two cents about, LOVE.

Unfortunately for Sierra, love was not something that could penetrate the icy exterior of the heart of a Daughter of the Dark. Just as she’d begun to accept that she was destined to be alone, everything changed.

Her new attraction to Horacio, a Light witch, goes much deeper than a physical attraction. Her budding feelings for him is not only against the law, but it puts a target on her head.

Will Sierra ignore the feelings she begins to feel and return to the Dark or will she risk it all for the chance of something more?

A note from Sierra Grey

For years I sat by and watched it happen. Time and time again, they walked down the aisle forever tied to the person they would spend the rest of their lives with. My friends. Don’t get me wrong I was happy for them. As happy as I could be knowing that it would never be me. But what was I upset about? This wasn’t something I was supposed to want. This wasn’t a thing that my darkened heart was supposed to long for. Of course not, because unlike the friends that I’d become aligned with, I'd been branded, marked since birth to be something that never quite felt like right to me. They were the good girls, and me, well I was wicked. And as they say, there is no love for the wicked.

Will Sierra ever get the life she longs for?

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Pre-ordered! I can't wait 😁😍

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