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Let's Travel Together!

Want to travel with me and take part in interactive writing retreats?

Through the power of Trova Trips, I will now be able to host exciting adventures with readers and writers! So many of you have asked me over the years to do meet & greets, seminars, and workshops, and now all of that is possible!

Right now, I need to see how many people are ready to take advantage of this opportunity. Once we've garnered enough interest, the planning will begin!

I wanted to personally invite you to complete my new travel survey. I'm looking to book group trips in the US and across the world and host a combination of Writer and Reader focused events. Things to look forward to: 1. Seeing the world while hanging out with me! 2. Live chats and tutorials for writers.
3. Live readings and signings for readers. 4. Goodie bags!
5. An all-inclusive event including excursions, great food, and beautiful new experiences. If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer and traveling with me, fill out the survey and let me know where you would like to go!

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