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Introducing Remy Maise

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As you already know, or at least you should, I have been working for the last year and a half on a project that is a collection of fantasy stories with characters inspired by TikTok creators. One of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done was approaching these creators and asking if they would allow me to share their names as inspiration for the characters I’ve created.
I wanted to do this because I wanted to support those creators by helping to spread the word about them. As I scrolled the FYP (for you page) I found so much inspiration from videos, both from people who were wildly creative with makeup and costume, and people who were just being themselves.
Luckily, quite a few of them agreed to allow me to share them as the inspiration behind these characters and that is what I want to do here. I will post videos and photos of the creators who have agreed to stand as the physical inspiration for the fantasy creatures I’ve created.

Introducing..... Remy Maise

Type: Fairy
Backstory: There was something about rules that just didn’t mesh with Remy. The moment she was told she couldn’t do something was the moment she decided it was the only thing she wanted to experience. Had her parents restricted her from staying in the house, away from all the dangers of the world, they might still be alive.
Unfortunately, the last warning her father gave her was about the creatures who ruled the night. Those bloodsucking demons threatened the very balance of the world simply by existing.

Remy Maise was inspired by: MonTanna Spring (@MonTannaSpring)

Why MonTanna Spring?

When I first saw MonTannaSpring cross my FYP I nearly dropped my phone from the excitement. It was the boldness she exhibited through her amazing portrayal of what I imagined to be a hybrid of a fairy and vampire. The wheels started turning. This was a character who had to be explored.

Checkout the tiktok that started it:


MonTanna Spring agreed to do a quick interview and you can see their answers below. Make sure that you check out this creator’s social media, follow them, and show them some love and support. And don’t forget to preorder Tales of Novia!

What inspires you to create your content?
Honestly, it's the thought of being able to inspire someone else.

Where do you draw inspiration for your content?
It's usually a mix of old folklore from around the world and color combinations that just get stuck in my head.

What do you hope to convey to your audience? Is there a special message behind your work?
I hope to convey the idea that fantasy can belong anywhere and be brought to life through anyone.

Do you have any specific goals for content creation?
I hope to fill the gap that I often see when it comes to finding fantasy content from POC. I know middle school me would be so excited to finally see a fairy that actually looks like her.

Watch the intro to Remy Maise:

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