Caged House Vampires - Episode 2

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

"I guess going out wouldn't hurt," Renee conceded to the invitation that sounded less and less optional as the moments passed. The last time she refused to go along with the local customs at a new house, it meant her being alienated by the team for a juvenile amount of time.

"Not one little bit, besides, something tells me that you could use a good pampering." Noemi winked and hopped down from where she’d perched her ass on the table.  What say we meet up in the lobby in an hour? That should give you plenty of time to find your room and drop your things off."

"Sounds good to me.”

"Great," she pulled out an envelope from her back pocket. "Here are your room assignment and keys. Just take the back elevator down to level three. Think you can find it or would you like me to go with you?"

"I should be okay. Elevator to three," Renee stood and picked up her bag from the floor. "Do you know when this process is being rescheduled for? I'd kinda like to get it over with."

“No idea,” Noemi shrugged as she headed for the door. “Hell, maybe they’ll forget, and you won’t have to deal with it. I know I'd be in no rush to get it done.”

“I find it makes life easier when you don’t procrastinate on getting the tough shit done.”

“Whatever floats your boat. You can ask Calista to put in a request for update until you get your access to everything.” Noemi disappeared from the room.

“Great, thanks for being so helpful.” Renee muttered and headed for her room.

Locating her room was easy enough. She was happy to find that the walls were solid and not the frosted glass that allowed for limited privacy. The room was standard issue. A bed, dresser, desk, private bath, and a walk-in closet. Vampires usually accumulated enough to fill what was basically a second bedroom. Renee was not most vampires. She owned enough to fill the duffle bag she’d arrived with and the two that were lost in transit. “Thanks, United!” She muttered to herself as unloaded her stuff, grabbed her hat, and headed back upstairs.

The lobby where she first arrived was a different place during the day. It was heavily lit, full of life and, throbbing arteries. Renee considered going back to her room, she hadn't fed in too long and the passing dancers in their leotards were proving to be difficult to ignore.

“Oh, you're here! Are you ready to go?” a short round-faced girl with dark hair that fell to her waist, stood from the leather couch that sat next to the large windows which were no longer covered by thick metal shutters. She carried herself over to Renee on stocky legs that were on full display in the high waisted jean shorts she’d matched with a tank top that was purposely shredded at the sides, and high-top sneakers. “I'm Moon.”

“Nice to meet you,” Renee stuck the cowboy hat on her head and shook Moon's outstretched hand.

“Noemi should be here soon, but her ass is always late to everything. Did she tell you what we’re up to yet?” Moon pulled out a blood sucker from her bag and popped it in her mouth.

“No, she didn't,” The scent of the candied blood made Renee’s mouth water. It wasn’t her favorite source of sustenance, but she wouldn’t turn one down if offered. It wasn’t. “S