Caged House Vampires - Episode 4

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Renee's jaw clenched tighter as Brigytah’s dark eyes peered into hers. The seconds stretched on as her command continued to be disregarded. Outrage danced behind her eyes like warriors preparing for battle, and Renee prepared herself for war. This is where she took her stance, in this moment she had to show her strength. Everything inside of her told her if she gave in to what the woman wanted, she would be making a bad move. Renee didn’t believe too much in superstition, but she believed in following her gut and her gut was screaming that something was foul. She would refuse Brigytah’s order, regardless of the position it put her in. Less than 24 hours in her new House and she was already making enemies, powerful ones.

"No, we do not." Renee stated firmly and caught the sharp glint of fire in Brigytah’s eye when she made her announcement. “Xavia doesn’t want me to do it, and until she tells me otherwise, it won’t be happening.”

Brigytah inched forward, teeth bared in a hungry sneer; but then paused with the sharp inhale of air from Tiffany who still watched them. She frowned, straightened her posture, and stepped back from the redheaded vampire. "Very well, have it your way." Brigytah turned on her heel with a warning look at Renee and walked away. This would not be the end of things. Not by a long shot.

Renee’s shoulders fell from their taught position the moment Tiffany disappeared around the corner, following the angry woman. Great, just what she needed. If Xavia didn’t make it and Brigytah became the head of the Chicago House, she would really have some shit on her hand. She’d been wishing that that didn’t happen when the chime of the elevator sounded off and the doors slid open.

"What the hell happened here?" Moon stood at the opening, blood sucker hanging from her lips, and wide eyes taking in the chaos of blood-stained floors and the returning lab rats who retrieved what evidence they could.

"Xavia was injured, stabbed, she isn't healing," Renee stated the facts as she found the dagger that had fallen from Calista's hand and picked it up. "There's something about this," she pulled out her phone and took photos of the weapon before it was snatched away by an overly aggressive lab rat who sneered at her about contaminating the evidence.

"What do you mean?” Moon stepped out of the elevator and aloud the doors to shut behind her ending an incessant chiming, the revolt of the mechanics that ran the transport. “What the hell is going on?"

"I don't know.” Renee continued to study the space around her. She made note of everything from the fallen papers that Xavia once held and their positioning in the blood on the floor. She traced the outline of the blood spill in her head and noted the odd scent that came from the fluid that was quickly staining the white floors beneath it. Sulfur, that was the smell, why the hell did her blood smell like sulfur? Renee pulled her eyes from the spot of the floor and found Moon in the midst of a building panic attack, she answered her question. “Calista was here, it looks like she may have been the one who did it. The weapon was in her hand, blood on her fingers."

"Where is she now?" Moon asked as her feet rooted into the ground beneath her.


"Calista!" Moon shouted as if they hadn't been discussing two different people. The sharp gasp from Moon’s lips caused concern for Renee, perhaps she was closer to Calista than she’d known, though she hadn’t had much time to feel out the relationships of the people there.

"Oh, they took her away, I'm assuming to lock up." Renee glanced over her shoulder in the direction of where they girl had been taken.

"Fuck," Moon took off in that direction and left Renee alone with her thoughts and the crime scene.

Renee examined the space further. There was no sign of struggle outside of the blood on the floor, nothing looked out of place. She couldn’t imagine Xavia allowing Calista to attack her without a fight, it meant she wasn’t expecting it, it mean Calista gave her no reason for concern. She ran through a number of scenarios in her mind that would allow for the attack to occur without resistance. She was on her third run through when she heard the mechanical whirring of the camera in the ceiling at the corner of the hall. She made note of it, she would have to find her way to the security room to get a look at the tape.

Her attention turned to the phone that remained in her hand. As the rest of the scene was scrubbed away the photo to the dagger claimed her. She zoomed in and out of the image as she made a mental map of the design.