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Djinn Rebellion Relaunch

Where can I get the books, sis?

I've gotten this question in my comment section, DMs, and now emails. And I am thrilled!

So if you're new around here, or you've been around and maybe forgot... I did a thing last year.
I took down most of my back catalog, and by that, I mean SEVENTEEN titles! Why? Because I wanted to rewrite/re-edit/relaunch! It's been one of those things itching the back of my mind for a while. I knew I could present these stories in a stronger way, and finally, I had the time (and funds) to make it happen. So, in order to motivate my tail to get it done, I took most of my books out of commission.

I planned to get half of those back online by now, but things happened.

I signed my first publishing contract with WEBTOON for their new app YONDER, and I had to focus on getting that project done! After that, I needed to wrap up things for book 4 of the Siren Series (out now), and then it was time to get into the Eldritch Trials which really pushed me as an author. I'm so proud of both projects (as well as a few anthologies I was a part of) and now I want everything I do to be up to that standard!

Now things are clear and I've gotten 2 out of those 17 titles back online, alongside rewrites of the Sirens.

But its time for more. So my focus for the next few months is to get the Djinn Rebellion titles back out into the world.

You'll be happy to know that I've already started book one and the process is going smoothly. I will soon hand it off to the editor because I'm clearly making changes, and then it will be out into the world again. My hope it to complete and relaunch one book a month, but if it takes longer (and if it needs to it will) I hope that you all will continue to be patient with me!

But I promise you.
The Djinn Rebellion will return!

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