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Creating the Rise of the Elites (gulp)

Creating a shared world has been a dream of mine for a few years, but the idea of inviting other authors to create stories in a world crafted by my brain was daunting. Trust me, I know how things work inside this head, and let’s just say things can be a bit chaotic sometimes.

However, I believe that like with all things in the universe, ideas are energy that passes from one person to another. When the idea for the Rise of the Elites hit me, I knew I had to grab hold of it. If I didn’t, it would leave me and find its way to someone who would take off running with it.

You know the feeling… you’re up late, watching infomercials or scrolling down your Facebook timeline and an ad pops up for that blow-drying comb that you thought of five years ago. Now you’re kicking yourself because it's an amazing product, but also wondering how the heck they got your idea when you never told anyone about it…. That idea found you unworthy and moved on!

With this being the first project of this caliber I’d be leading, I wanted to make sure that the group of authors were not only like-minded but hardworking, and talented storytellers. I’ve of course been watching these authors for years and enjoying their spirit and their stories. There’s something wonderful about working with people who are just as enthusiastic about their craft as you are.

I reached out to this group, hoping they wouldn’t slam the virtual door in my face. Taking on a project like this can be a lot, especially when the rules of the world highly depend on one mind (MINE!). Luckily, we came together as a team and with their input, created a project that I’m so excited for readers everywhere to dive into.

I hope that the Rise of the Elites will be the first of many projects like this.

Headed off to do more writing and continue the countdown to release day(s)!

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