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Countdown to Reign of the White Phoenix.

We are twelve days away from the release of Reign of the White Phoenix. It is the first book to release of the shared world collection I created. Even though this has already been such a wonderful experience, I am still nervous about it. Collectively the group has over 2,000 preorders, hitting individual preorder numbers that the authors have never hit. That alone fills my heart with joy.

But yes, I am still nervous about the releases. Why?

Well…. because I want to do it again!

I have other ideas that I want to explore. I have worlds I want to develop, and I would love to invite a new group of authors to join me in that endeavor. How amazing would it be if I could continue doing this? Growing my platform along with other authors. Introducing readers to multiple authors through one amazing project.

With this being my first experience, I have learned a lot about what I can do better the next time around. And I’ve decided that I’ll allow authors to apply to be a part of the project the next time. I want to give as many people as I can the opportunity to take part in this.

I hope the readers enjoy these stories crafted by our authors. I hope they love every character and that they eagerly jump from one book to the next.

I will say that Reign of the White Phoenix is off to an impressive start with ARC reviews coming in strong!

I can’t say enough how excited I am for this and how ready I am for readers to step into the world of Penumbra!

Well, it’s time for me to go grab a cup of coffee and start plotting on the next project.

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Sep 04, 2021

Thiss is awesome

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