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Countdown to Novia. Time to Grab your Citizenship ID

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We're Five months away from the launch of Tales of Novia and now is the time to grab your citizenship card and claim your home in this new world! This has been such a fun process building this world with my Tiktok Family. And those same people are now claiming their home in the world.

So of course I had to create this amazing Citizenship Card! And yes, when you visit Novia you'll need this card because there is a threat. His name is "A" and he is my son. During our live chat, he declared that he will bring chaos to Novia and only those people who have their Citizenship Cards will be spared.

Yes, I am raising the villain. I have no idea where he gets these tendencies.... says the author who created a new breed of lions who are twice the size of the ones on earth and have venom.

Anyhoo..... back to the IDs. As requested by our TikTok family member @pheonix_2k, I've modified the ID to have a space for photos! I won't be able to print everyone's photo directly, but you have a spot to place your own when you get it.
Now, how do you get this? Well... right now, the only way is by supporting the Kickstarter. I know... how dare I!

We're using Kickstarter as our preorder so you can pre-order your books packages ranging from the $8 single ebook all the way up to the $1,000 special edition super pack that includes the world bible, character profiles, Novia accessory pack, and more. . (I'm seriously wondering if anyone will get this one but I was told I HAD to have it.)

And stick around because we reveal the rest of the covers in TWO DAYS!

Also, we'll be revealing the TikTok creators who inspired the character of Novia! I'm so excited to share. I've done interviews with them and they are truly amazing!

The Road to Novia starts here!

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