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And so she started a Podcast!

Alright, so my podcast is now a little over a month old, and in that month I have learned a lot about the dos and don’ts. Now, before I continue, I know there is so much more for me to learn about this, but I wanted to share my thoughts so far.

The first lesson I learned, shocking ask it is, is that creating audio that is consistent and clean is difficult and I think I will definitely look into getting a professional that can make sure all the sounds and tones are accurate because I suck at that!

I’ve learned that the way I speak naturally can be a little rambling, and that’s fine except with talking in interviews. There is no chance to edit. I mean, of course, you can cut in and blend and do all of that magical audio stuff, but in natural conversation what comes out of your mouth… is what comes out your mouth! There is no revision work. There is no going back to pretty up things like you can with a book.

But I also like that part because I want the interviews to feel like conversations. Perhaps my ramblings and my misspoken words actually help give that feeling to the interview. (See how I’m reaching for that silver lining?) I don’t want people to come in and feel like they are being grilled. I want this to be open and flowing communication about a topic that means so much to all of us.

With that being said, I will be switching up the format a bit and one thing that we’re gonna be changing is the posting schedule. The show will go from weekly episodes to biweekly episodes because I feel like I can be much more consistent with it. And also, things in my life are picking up. Every aspect is getting busier and I don’t want the podcast to suffer because of that.

I want to say thank you to everyone who’s interviewed. I still have a nice queue of guests that we’re going to be sharing over the coming months. There is just so much talent out there! Also, a huge thank the people who have listened to the podcast and to those who’ve given me feedback. You have honestly just made this new chapter of my life as amazing as can be.

And if you are one of the people who haven’t listened to it, click the link below and jump in, we have some amazing conversations with creators who are doing spectacular work in this space. You need to hear their stories!

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