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An injured wolf. A reluctant fairy. A chance to save millions.

Fate intertwines the paths of Kiora, a reluctant fairy, and Raden, an injured wolf, in an unexpected alliance with far-reaching consequences. When Kiora discovers Raden's wounded form within the fairy territory, she faces a crucial choice: uphold the laws of her kind or follow her instincts to help the creature in need.

As their bond deepens, secrets emerge, challenging Kiora to confront her loyalties and the true extent of her courage. With millions at stake, Kiora must navigate treacherous terrain, where every decision could determine the fate of both worlds.


Will she choose to stand by Raden's side, defying convention, or retreat into safety, leaving him to face his destiny alone?


To Aide a Wolf is a gripping tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of unlikely alliances in the face of adversity.

To Aide a Wolf

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