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When darkness comes, those who are sworn to protect the light must stand.


The Dragon Queen has awakened from her slumber and she has her eyes set on one thing. During the century of her absence, her people failed to find the egg that was stolen from her.

The Queen will do whatever it takes to get her egg back and she'll cut down anyone who tries to stand in her way. Including her own kind.

Now, our Novian crew, those working to keep their world in balance, must come together in hopes of finding a way to appease the Dragon Queen. But what they don't know is that there is more at play.

A greater evil threatens Novia and if they don't figure out a way to stop it, all will be lost.

Inspired by creators found on TikTok, Tales of Novia is a new project written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage!


Grab your copy today and dive into this collection of interconnected stories that will take you on an exciting new adventure!

Tales of Novia (Vol 1 book 4)

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