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Preorders are expected to ship - May 10th 


Not all born to lead want the responsibility.

K is a werewolf born into the most powerful bloodline in the Den. The daughter of the Alpha, she is someone others in her territory expect to be an example of greatness. But K doesn’t want to lead. she only wants to be free.

To avoid the growing responsibility, K joins what she thinks will be a quick trip to clear her head. Instead, it turns into a journey that will challenge her internal beliefs and push her into the role she hoped to avoid. Leader.

A dragon threatens the world. A seer divines the solution. A werewolf wants nothing to do with it.

Inspired by creators found on TikTok, Tales of Novia is a new project written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage!

Grab your copy today and dive into this collection of interconnected stories that will take you on an exciting new adventure!

Tales of Novia (Vol 1 book 3) - Signed Paperback

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