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One dark dream will uncover a centuries-old secret some would rather keep buried.

Born to a powerful bloodline of Seers, Shanoai was predestined to be the strongest of them all, but the Goddess never granted her that gift.

Outcast for her lack of power, Shanoai set her sights on new avenues of triumph. She trained hard and worked her way up to the top of her class as a guardian, only to fall short of earning the respect of her people.

That is until the whispers of a dark entity revealed there may be more to the broken seer than she or her people ever thought possible.

Inspired by creators found on TikTok, Tales of Novia is a new project written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage!

Grab your copy today and dive into this collection of interconnected stories that will take you on an exciting new adventure!

Tales of Novia (Vol 1 book 2) - Signed Paperback

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