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All four books in one big baddie! 

The full bundle includes the complete world bible and the character bible.


You never know how your actions today will impact someone on the other side of the world.
Tales of novia is a collection of interconnected stories that highlight the power of influence and how we are all connected and must work together for the benefit of all.

This ominibus contains all stories presented in Vol. 1 along with world maps and data. 

  • Like Winds Through the Wallows
  • Through Blood and Magic
  • A Wal Through Shadows
  • The Traveler
  • By Sight and Song
  • The Peacekeeper’s Promise
  • The Librarian
  • The Shopkeepers
  • Moved by the Moon
  • The Songbird’s Key
  • A Mother’s Sorrow
  • A Lion’s Pride
  • The Stables
  • A Frozen Heart
  • Return to the Queen
  • They All Fall Down
  • The Wrap Up

Tales of Novia Omnibus, Character Bible, and World Bible Bundle

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