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The sins of those before us often lay the building blocks for the hurdles that appear in front of us.

Syrinada learns this lesson first hand as she faces the Naiad’s Walk. This series of tests will determine if she is worthy of getting the powers that at a time, a siren was born with. Thanks to the actions of the women before her, this trial is put in place as a punishment by the witch covens. Should she fail, she will never gain full access to the magic that lay dormant within.

Syrinada needs her power if she is going to stay alive but she doesn’t want to leave Malachi, her brooding protector, behind. He has just suffered a great loss, and she feels guilty. If she goes, she leaves Malachi to mourn alone, if she doesn’t, they may both lose a lot more when the covens find them. What Syrinada doesn’t realize is that by crossing the portal into the Naiad’s Walk, she may ultimately crush the very person she is trying to save.

Will Syrinada be able to prove herself and gain her powers? Will Malachi survive without her?

Siren’s Test is the second installment of the Siren Series, a Paranormal Fantasy series written by USA Today Best-Selling Author, Jessica Cage.
Find out what Syrinada chooses, grab your copy today!

Siren's Test, The Siren Series book 2

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