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Love triangles, a murderous father, and a fight to save the world.

It’s been months since Syrinada finished the Naiad’s Walk, the series of tests that each Siren must face to receive their Siren’s Stone. In this stone is the key that unlocks the power that rightfully belongs to her kind. With one task completed and full access to her powers, Syrinada is faced with a new problem.

Alderic, the father she once thought had died, wishes to use her as a weapon, a tool to bring about the damnation of the world. She refuses to help him, but Alderic isn’t one to simply accept no for an answer. Syrinada can no longer run from her problems.

Alderic is powerful and growing stronger each day, but her fight isn’t just with her estranged father. The witches of New Orleans, have discovered the true reaches of Syrinada’s power and they’ve decided to stand against her.

With fire coming at her from all sides, Syrinada has no choice; she must stand and fight, or die alongside everyone she loves.

Siren's End (The Siren Series book 3)

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