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Syrinada is interviewed by Ebony Bowser - pt 1

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Syrinada Interview with Ebony Bowser pt 1.

Ebony: Syrinada, what is your full name and does it have meaning?

Sy: The name given to me at birth, is Syrinada Alia Sania, daughter of Siliya Alia Sania, granddaughter of Sulia and Notha Sania and niece to Noreen Mali Sania. My name is the legacy of my people. It tells of the strength of my family and it strikes fear in the hearts of those who wish to take my life.

Ebony: Have you always known the History of your name?

Sy: No, I learned it just a few years ago. When I was a baby, my aunt had a spell placed on me to hide who I really was from the world. Unfortunately, she also hid the truth of my true self from me. A decision that has caused me so much trouble.

Ebony: I can see how that happened. Was it just her trying to protect you? Trying to let you grow up with a normal life.

Sy: My aunt has her reasons for what she's done. I don't know them, but I doubt it was that heroic.

Ebony: I'm sorry you had to live with not knowing your true self but that is all changed now.

Sy: It has, and as overwhelming and dangerous as my life is, I feel better. I guess I've always known something wasn't quite right within me. Now that I know the truth, I can finally work on resolving that disconnect.

Ebony: What is your species?

Sy: I am a hybrid of sorts. My father was a warlock and my mother a siren. I am the product of two warring species, the covens cursed the sirens and for this they fear me. They think that I will seek retaliation for my people.

Ebony: Will you?

Sy: I had no plan to do so, but if they force my hand, I will do whatever it takes to protect myself.

Ebony: Do you have a best friend? What do you most value in your friends?

Sy: Yes, I do! Her name is Jazz. She is the complete opposite of me. I'm quiet and reserved while she is loud and outgoing. What I value most about my friends is their willingness to call me out on my shit. When I'm sulking too much Jazz will throw a pair of stilettos at me (she knows I won't wear them, but it proves her point) and drag me out the house and to a club. Malachi, another friend, is the same way, he is protective of us, especially the wild child, but he doesn't coddle us. He keeps it real.

Ebony: You need others like that in your life. That’s good you have someone to call you on your shit! Lol

Sy: I'll make sure Jazz doesn't see this or she will definitely hold your comment over my head!

Ebony: She has requested a copy of this interview lol

Sy: You wouldn't dare!... I wonder if I can hack her computer to delete it before she sees it.

Ebony: Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?

Sy: No, and if any other siren heard me saying that I would be banished (again). I believe that we find people who we connect with and we have to work at that. Unfortunately, the idea of a soul mate or true love is the reason why I lose so many people so I find it hard to believe in something that has ultimately been a destructive force in my life.

Ebony: The fact that you were banished tells me something about has to be real. Is it that the other siren's don't want YOU to find this type of love?

Sy: A siren is at her greatest strength when she is mated. Her mate is her anchor in life. When she is weak she can feed on her mate even if he is across the world, and become replenished. I don't know that they care all that much about my love life but no one wants me to do anything that makes me stronger than I already am.

Ebony: That's bull shit! I hope you do find that mate! So the siren people do not trust you either.

Sy: No they do not. They aren't trusting of the covens and even less so of my father. He wasn't exactly a good guy. They fear that I may have inherited some of his not so honorable tendencies. I never even knew the man and yet here I am being judged for the things he did before I was even born.

Ebony: That isn't right! You shouldn't be judged on the sins of the father. Is there anyone who does trust you other than you best friends?

Sy: There are a few people who trust me. Along the way, I've met other supernatural beings, mermen and women who seem to be on my side. Of course, at this point, I don't easily trust anyone. This is all so new to me.

Ebony: That makes sense. Good instincts!

Sy: Thank you.

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