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Siren's Capture is DONE!

After I wrote Siren's End, I intended for it to be as the title says... the end. But readers wanted more and apparently, so did Syrinada! And now, seven years after I published the end of Syrinada's story, the journey continues.

I had so much fun getting reacquainted with these characters and did so by rereading (and rewriting) the first three books.

Siren's Call, the first of the series, is the book I often say I found my voice with. It's the first book I wrote that sounded like me. I was no longer trying to write for someone else. And it made such a dramatic difference in how I walked through the story and how readers received it.

To this day, Siren's Call is one of my best-selling titles and Syrinada's story gets steady attention from new readers around the world.

The book is done! And the beta readers love it. All that's left is to apply feedback notes and send her off to the editor.

I will say that this book is the longest solo release title I have ever written, clocking in at 115,000 words (currently). It is 50,000 words longer than the first book in the series. I always add more during the editing process and I thank the heavens my editors are so understanding about my process.

I always say how excited I am for readers to get their hands on something new, and it's always true. I appreciate every single person who supports my work and I love being able to bring them new content. But this one is different. This one feels like returning home after a long journey, settling in with the ones who were there from the beginning, and celebrating how far we've come.

We have so much more to do.
The siren's story doesn't end here.

Siren's Capture Blurb:

For a siren, isolation means starvation.

After choosing Rhys as her mate, Syrinada struggles with the limitations of their relationship. Unable to be satisfied by her traveling mate, she isolates herself for fear of hurting innocent people, but a greater power forces her to return to the world.

There are new hybrids who threaten to disrupt the balance of magic. The ancestors task her with a job. Find the hybrids and get them in line. But to do this, Syrinada must reunite with some old friends, including the Denali brother whom she severed her bond with.

Their reunion reawakens a side of herself that Syrinada chose to ignore, leaving her with a choice.

Face your demons, or let the world burn.

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