Jinn - Deleted Scene - A Guard Becomes Queen

Briar never wanted to become the fairy queen but that decision was not hers to make. She was chosen for the role. Here is a deleted scene depicting one of the reasons Briar struggled with this new change in her life. She was meant to protect, not to be protected.

The rays of the sun warmed her skin, welcoming her to the first day of her new life. She stretched and groaned; the soft bedding would have to be changed. Everything in her new room was too soft. In her home, the place that she would likely never step foot in again, she had a bed so firm she could have been sleeping on the floor.

Briar took a deep breath as she sat on the edge of the bed and gazed out the large windows. Just outside the door, she could hear them, her eager guards. She shook her head and looked down at the mark on the center of her chest. The golden branding was left behind by the Solaris when it entered her body. She was the new Fairy Queen.

This was a moment that should have been celebrated, but how could she celebrate when her predecessor had just been murdered in cold blood? The weight of the loss kept her planted on the bed. She never wanted to be queen; she wasn’t groomed for it. From the day of her birth, Briar was meant to be a warrior, and she did that. She worked her ass off to make sure that her family and her queen were protected. Now she was the one everyone would be trying to keep safe, especially with a murderous warlock on the loose.

The soft tap on the door forced her to deal with the present and escape her thoughts of things she couldn’t change.

“Come in,” she called out.

“The court awaits you, its time to get dressed,” Mysti, her former second in command and now Commander of the fairy guard entered the room.

“Mysti,” Briar stood and frowned when her friend bowed to her. “Thank you for coming.”

“Of course, I wanted to be the first one to see you on your first day as Queen.”

“I appreciate it.” Briar walked to the window overlooking her home. “I’m not ready