Rise of the Elites is a shared world collection created by Jessica Cage.

Step into the world of Penumbra where the power between Light and Dark is a delicate balance that is currently at risk. The High Spirit has chosen six new Elites to Lead their people and protect the balance of their world.

Each book of this collection is written by a different author bringing the reader an exciting new experience which each installment.

Read the Intro scene to the collection here!

The sun set in the horizon as the sylo birds began their song. Everyone in Penumbra, a magical world parallel to the human realm, knew what that sad, melodic tune meant. It was time for the leaders of Penumbra, known as the Elites, to gather at the temple Foci, to mark the beginning of a new season and the long-anticipated shift in power. For in Penumbra only two seasons exist. The first season was the Rising, when the dark powers were quieted, and the light blossomed. The second season was the Falling, when the light powers settled and gave way to dark energy. Now was the time of the Rising.

Chosen by the High Spirit, the Elites were charged with keeping watch over the supernatural world and maintaining the balance between Light and Dark magic, both in their magical homeland and in the human realm. Each side was given its time to rule with the constraint that neither would shift the balance too far in their favor while at power. It’s a delicate balance that often found itself teetering, and if not for the meeting at Foci and the changing of seasons to keep matters in check, the opposing powers of Penumbra would have long ago gone to war and annihilated one another.

Inside the colosseum, structured from the Earth itself, the Elites took their place. Those who were led by dark took to one side while the light took to the other. The Elites, along with their council and guards, settled in as the ceremony began. Typically, they would elect a member of each side to recount the season, noting anything of key importance before proceeding with the shift of power. This time was different. The Dark had tilted the hands of balance further than they should have during their rule and the air was tense.

Just as the time came for the council to call their representatives, the hearts of every being in the room stopped. For the twelve deathly chimes rang for the first time in over two hundred years. One chime for each of the Original Elites. And as the first one split the air, the room grew cold, and silence descended on all those present. It was the moment every Elite dreaded. The chimes were the signal that an Elite’s rule would come to an end. Anxiously, they waited for the twelfth and final chime, and as the eerie proclamation finished its terrifying song, an altar appeared in the center of the room.

A hooded being emerged from the altar, cloaked in shadows. The Prophet. She was the High Spirit’s messenger and her arrival confirmed that one of the Elites was doomed.

“Six. Six to fall, six to rise, to right the wrong. Balance must be restored.”

Whispers of shock spread through Foci. Six Elites would fall. This was the final call when their lives would end, and their life energy would return to the High Spirit. Every pair of eyes widened and darted around wondering which of them it would be. Some fell to prayer, while others stood tall, accepting the fate that was to come.