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Fairytales of the FYP Preorder Cancellation

If you preordered the Fairytales of the FYP book set to release May 5, 2021, you will have received an email from Amazon alerting you of the cancellation. This is not an error.

The decision to cancel a project is never a simple one to make. I agonized over the decision, knowing that I would let my readers down and take a professional hit with KDP. If you cancel a preorder on the platform means you can’t set up another for a year. SO yea…. this was a tough choice to make.

It was also a necessary choice. Here I sit, one month before the release of a new book, with an incomplete manuscript. And this one is so intense and intricate. I want to do the stories justice and rushing to write them to make a deadline that I set just made no sense. That’s the glorious thing about being indie, right? You get to control things like publishing schedules. With this in mind, I had to question why I was forcing myself to get the book done.

I’ve tried to make every release better than the last. It’s been my goal to improve with every release. I may not be the best writer that ever did it, but I pride myself on creating stories that my readers will love and that I will be proud of. If I rush my process, that will not happen. I went through about six weeks where I felt creatively drained. Nothing I did to pull myself out of that funk worked. I tried everything, painting, reading, watching old movies, even exercising, all the things that typically help me through the creative block, but nothing worked.

I’m happy to say that my muse has returned from vacation and with her return comes the flow of words. Unfortunately, the six weeks she was away were the six weeks I planned to finish this project. That would allow for ample time for the Beta reads, revisions, secondary reads, revisions, editing, revisions, second edits, acceptance, and proofreading to happen. All those steps that I’ve now incorporated into my process make for a cleaner, more professional finished project. I simply refuse to give that up.

I hope my readers will appreciate my decision to do this. It is because I care about their experience that I’ve done this and because I have so many plans for this project that I want it to be the absolute best it can be. I’ve talked about the mistakes I made with publishing at the start of my career. I don’t want to repeat history here.

Rest assured, this book is still coming. It may be later than expected, but hopefully greater than anticipated.

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