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Celebrating POC Authors in Fantasy: Desiree Morrow

Desy Smith, MFA, writes in the genre of paranormal romance and erotica. She specializes in short stories no more than 20,000 words per each story. Her motto, "Short Stories For The Busy Reader." In addition she offers beta reading, outlining and character development services.


Interview with Desy Smith

What genre(s) do you write in?

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance & Erotica

When did you decide that you wanted to write in your Genre?

Paranormal & Fantasy Romance: At a young age, my mom also influenced my decision to write in my genre. She is obsessed with all things supernatural, Dracula is her favorite character. I would watch those shows with her and I too fell in love with them. Erotica: Intinally I didn't want to write Erotica but I realized that everyone has sex and there's nothing wrong with giving readers a chance to indulge in this activity. We all need that relief. lol

What things in your life do you draw inspiration from?

Television show, billboards, radio ads, songs. My inspiration can hit at any time. I can be reading a book, and a new idea for a book will pop up in my mind.

What is the purpose of your writing? Is there a specific message that you hope to convey?

I want to showcase more People of color in my writing and provide an escape for people going through their everyday struggles/life.

How much of yourself is reflected in your writing?

A lot, each character has a part of me in them, it can be their looks, fashion, mannerism, names, anything.

What can readers expect to see from you in the next year? Any new releases, features, or celebrations?

New Releases: "Those Special Night, was published June 1, so please go and check that out. Remainder of 2020: I will be wrapping up my first series, "You Can't Escape Destiny, " by the end of December 2020. Also Book Four of the Rosewood series will be releasing in September & Division Book Two will be released in November. I will also be wrapping up my second series The Rosewood Series middle 2021. It's going to be a very busy rest of the year for me.


What would you do if a portal of fire kidnaps you and transports you to a new world?

Solange detests being a Princess. She doesn’t understand why she must marry a Prince. What about her happiness? What about her dreams? Why can’t she continue being the independent woman she is?

No longer able to put it off, she finds herself at the Preparation Retreat, where Princess Matcher helps her purify her mind, body, and soul. But that comes to an end when a portal of fire kidnaps her and transports her to a new world.

There she’ll come face to face with the Mystic who has been mentally begging for her help for the past year. He’s bossy, annoying, and breaths fire when he’s irritated.

Will she be able to save him, and the others? In doing so, will she be rewarded by her heroic deeds and not have to marry a Prince?

Join Solange, the fire elemental Princess, in Mercury’s Realm. Where she’ll realize what she always knew, that she doesn’t need a Prince.


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