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Introducing... Jessica Victoria


As I grow as an author I want to explore different voices. Jessica Victoria is a new pen name under which I will write. Under this name I will publish works of fiction that are not Paranormal. I will also continue to publish under Jessica Cage but this way I wont confuse readers when they pick up a book expecting vampires and wolves and find a romantic page turner with undertones of hilarity. 


What to expect from Jessica Victoria?


An echo of my life as a single woman in my twenties to begin with. I will also be exploring the world of comedy. I love being able to laugh and make others laugh so to be able to now do that with my writing is an amazing opportunity. If you have read any of my books (and if you haven't just click up ahead fror links), you may have already noticed a bit of my silly side within the pages. Well now you will get much more of that with some sass, romance, and a bit of heat. 


i am so excited for this new change in my journey and even more excited to be able to share it with all of you!


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