Nothing inspires the thirst for revenge like a broken heart. 

Asa didn’t ask to love a God. She didn’t pray that he would come to her home, ravage her body, and change the very meaning of her life. She didn’t ask for it, but that is what happened. For years she belonged to Ares, the god of war. 

She surrendered her heart to him. Whenever he wanted her, she was there. Until the day that he decided he no longer had use for her. Refusing to allow her to be with another he fashioned a curse and turned Asa into the Sphinx. 

While he was preoccupied with cause devastation elsewhere, Asa found a way to escape her curse and went into hiding. When the Gods fell from grace she knew that they would one day return and she prepared herself. 

While the Gods were away she worked. 

She collected relics that she used to craft a weapon fit to take down a god and swore to avenge the life that was taken from her. 

The Sphinx is a standalone novel from USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage. 

Grab your copy today to find out what happens when Asa wages war against the God of War! 

The Sphinx - Signed copy

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