A Siren for a mother, A Warlock for a father, and a Family tree that wants her dead…

For Syrinada, life is on the right track. Land and awesome new job, check. Cultivate a group of amazing friends, check. Build towards the future, check! Life is good! But of course nothing good ever lasts forever. 
In comes a deep dark family secret that reveals that she isn’t who or what she thought she was. With the help of Malachi, a brooding and protective merman, and his equally handsome brother, Syrinada will find her way back to the home she never knew she had.

But something sinister awaits her on the other side. There is much more to her background, darker things, and for that reason she must stay hidden. The call of her newfound heritage is a strong one, and she finds herself incapable of denying her new urges. Now that she has brought attention to herself, they must flee, but how long can you run before your demons catch up with you?

Siren’s Call is the first book in the Paranormal Fantasy Series by USA Today Best-Selling Author, Jessica Cage!

Grab your copy and dive in to this adventure today!

Siren's Call- Sirens series book 1 - signed copy



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