When you’re a djinn, fixing all your problems can be as simple as snapping your fingers. This isn't one of those times.

We all have our crosses to bear. The demons of our past haunt the corners of our minds. More often than not, those demons stay locked away, never to see the light of day. Rosie is not so lucky.

Rosie has secrets so dark that she fears what will happen when they come to light. The ritual that made her what she has become was derived from the purest sources of evil. It bound her to the darkest warlock ever known to man. For centuries she has tried to outrun that bond, but she just lost the race.

With the threat of discovery looming over her and the ones she now considers family, all her carefully-guarded secrets will come to light. With those hidden truths exposed, and the bond with darkness strengthening, Rosie may be the one to cause of a second coming apocalypse. 

Rosie is the fourth installment to the Djinn Rebellion Series written by USA Today Bestselling Author Jessica Cage.

Find out if Rosie has the strength to break the bindings that hold her spirit hostage.

Rosie - Djinn Rebellion book 4 - Signed Copy

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