In a post-apocalyptic world, the earth is divided and magic rules all. 

For centuries, Jinn watched from afar as the powers-that-be fought to stake their claim to sectors of the world. Out of equal parts fear and respect of the notorious loner, the djinn’s wishes to remain a neutral party in this melee are honored. Yet everything changes when his old friend, Mike, presents Jinn with a startling truth. 

The love he thought he’d lost forever is still alive. 

Mike wants his people freed from the slums and only Jinn has the ability to make that happen. Armed with a map to the location of the djinn’s beloved, Mike is prepared to embark on a quest to the darkest corner of the earth to find her, in exchange for Jinn rescuing his Slither kind. 

With Jinn back in the game, the shift of power is palpable within the supernatural community. Alliances are tested, and unease crackles through the staked domains. One thing is painfully clear: Jinn will go to hell and back for the woman he loves, and he’ll destroy anyone who gets in his way. While love is his motivation, the djinn soon discovers he has far more to fight for.

Jinn-Damaged / Misprinted

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