The frost of winter rolls in and Imara, a succubus aroused by the chill of the air, wants only two things. Have a bit of fun, and enjoy her favorite season. Little does she know, a bit of play time with her old flame, Straught, will lead her down a path of discovery. What dirty little secrets live in her past? A father she never wanted to know and a sister she never knew she had enters Imara’s life and turn it upside down. What will these revelations mean for her future? 
A succubus, living her life away from her demonic family, she finds herself caught in the crossfires of a family feud that started long before she existed. Imara must find a way to regain control of her own life.  
Daddy was a rolling stone, and damn it if he didn’t get around.

Imara - Siren Series Novella

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