A baby on the way. A demon army. The World on the brink of apocalypse.

Nitara is with child and the world is on high alert. She’d do anything to protect the first Djinn baby to ever to be born on Earth, even if that means leaving her home behind.

Daegal is making his way back from the reaches of hell and he wants her child. Retrieving the infant will seal his deal with the devil and grant him eternal life and untold power.

With the supernatural beings coming together to prepare for what's to come, more secrets unfold. Can they defeat him or is it too late to stop the second coming apocalypse?

Fans of N.K Jemisin and Nora Roberts will love this action-packed nail biter.

One-click today and find out if the supernatural world can protect Nitara’s unborn child.

Daegal's Return - Djinn Rebellion book 6

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