Blood is thicker than water, or so the saying goes. 

For Mara the blood that runs through her veins is more than a source of life. It is the thing that ties her to Malcom, formerly her best friend and partner in battle. Past events have formed a rift in their relationship and Malcom no longer wants the vampire in his life. Not only is she connected to the brooding wolf, but the bond reaches to his mate, Stephanie. 

Content to spending her life alone, banished from her vampire family, Mara spends her time bedding the new alpha wolf in between her solo excursions. Her life of predominant solidarity is about to come to an end. Stephanie is in trouble, and Malcom, though he told her to never enter his life again, needs her help. 

Mara hopes for reconciliation, but will she get what she truly wants?

Blood Bond -Damaged / Misprinted

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