Ardyn would give anything to go back to the life that was taken from him. 

By the hands of Daegal, an evil warlock, the werewolf was made djinn. But because of his wolf spirit, he couldn't be contained. Though he was freed of his new maker, Ardyn refused to go home for fear that the people he once called family, would no longer accept him. 

Despite his fear, Ardyn must return to shifter territory and face the pack he abandoned. Praia, a friend is in danger and trapped in his home land. If he doesn't make peace with his people, they will have no chance of saving her life. With the fae girls life handing in the balance, will his pack accept him, or will they turn him away for abandoning them?

Zaria, a phoenix who suffered a similar fate walks into Ardyn's life and challenges him in ways he isn't prepare for. The fire she brings with her touch awakens the wolf within him. She has decided to stand by his side no matter what may come, but she will have her own sacrifices to make in order for them to survive. 

Ardyn & Zaria -Damaged / Misprinted