The queen is trapped inside her own mind, her Serve has been captured by Darkness, and the enemy is launching an attack in just a matter of days.

While Alexa is out of commission, the task of protecting their people falls on Layal. It won't be an easy task. The Navare are nasty beasts, vampires who have given in to the call of Darkness. They have strength in numbers, a leader who is spiritually connected to their once queen Alecia, and an army of twisted demons on their side.

For the vampires, its either find a way to wake Alexa or stand and fight. Which path should they choose when either may lead to their demise?

Alexa’s Adytum is the third installment to The High Arc series writing by International Award winning, and USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage.

Find out what happens in this exciting new part to the story.

Alexa's Adytum, The High Arc Vampires, book 3

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