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The Writer Side: Time Management

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Indie writers are a unique breed. Juggling plots, characters, and marketing can feel like a never-ending quest. And it’s the question I get asked most often. How do I do it all? I’m always honest. Sometimes I don’t manage it all that well, that’s just the truth, but when I do, its because of consistent practices with my time management tools.

Amid this literary whirlwind, time management becomes your secret weapon, your guiding star, and your most precious resource.

Here's why time management is the key to unlocking your indie author success:

1. Writing Consistency:

Time management ensures that you consistently allocate time to your writing projects. Whether you have a daily word count goal or dedicated writing hours, sticking to a schedule keeps your creative juices flowing.

2. Meeting Deadlines:

Indie authors often set their own deadlines for drafts, edits, and publishing. Effective time management ensures you meet these self-imposed deadlines and keeps your projects on track.

3. Balancing Writing and Marketing:

Writing is just one part of the indie author journey. Marketing, social media, and reader engagement are equally essential. Time management allows you to balance these activities without neglecting any crucial aspect of your author business.

4. Avoiding Burnout:

Writing can be all-consuming, but too much of a good thing can lead to burnout. Time management helps you find the right balance between writing and personal time, reducing the risk of writer's fatigue.

5. Goal Achievement:

Indie authors often set specific goals, whether it's completing a novel, self-publishing a series, or reaching a certain number of readers. Effective time management is the bridge that leads you to these goals.

6. Maximizing Productivity:

With a well-structured schedule, you can identify your most productive hours and use them to your advantage. This might be early mornings, late nights, or any other time that suits you best.

7. Adaptability:

Life is unpredictable. Time management helps you adapt to unforeseen circumstances, such as family emergencies, day job demands, or health issues, without derailing your writing progress.

8. Less Stress, More Creativity:

A structured routine minimizes the stress of last-minute rushes. When you're relaxed and organized, your creativity can soar, leading to better storytelling and writing quality.

9. Accountability:

Setting a schedule and sticking to it makes you accountable to yourself. It's easier to stay on track when you have a plan in place.

10. Effective Planning:

With time management, you can plan your writing projects, marketing campaigns, and releases effectively, ensuring everything aligns with your overall author strategy.

In the chaotic world of indie writing, time management is your guiding light. It empowers you to meet your goals, maintain a work-life balance, and keep the words flowing. So, embrace the clock, and watch as your indie author dreams become reality, one well-managed moment at a time.

Happy Writing!


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