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Jinn - Deleted Scene - Mike's Discovery

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Mike has been one of my favorite characters to write. His wit, bravery, and strength made him a great friend to Jinn and an important part to this story line. Mike seeks for a better way for his people. He wants them to have a life that doesn't involve scavenging for everyday necessities. In this deleted scene, Mike meets with Hank, a fellow slither who hands him a life changing piece of information.

A life changing moment....

"Mike, thanks for meeting me." Hank, a massive wall of a man approached him wearing a black trench coat that looked two sizes too small. A Slither like Mike, he tried his best to blend in with the world around him but having arms the sizes of toddlers didn't make that an easy thing to accomplish.

"Yeah this better be good," Mike did another quick perimeter check with his eyes. He ran his hand through his hair as his wife's voice, a threat of his life if he didn't make it home safely, played in his mind. "I don't like being this close to fairy territory. You know those guards will use any excuse to mess with us! Why did you have to meet here?"

"I know, I wouldn't have even suggested it if it wasn't important. Hank insisted. "I got big news something that could change everything. Like it or not, this is the safest place to talk about this. Not many ears are lingering close to fairy land."

"Hank, you come to me with the same thing every few months. Some big break through that will change all of our lives." Mike shook his head. "Let me count how many times you were right, oh wait, not one damn time! Why should I believe this time is any different?"

"Because this time I got the proof before coming to you." Hank grinned and his yellowed skin looked as if it would crack. It was nearly molting season and Hank's body was ever expanding. Mike wondered how long it would be before the man could simply move to the giants' territory and leave all the slithering woes behind.

"Shit, get down!" Mike whispered and the two fell flat on their stomachs hidden by two wily bushes as a caravan of fairy guards drove by. "That was way too close, Hank. This better be worth the risk."

"It is." Hank rolled to his back and pulled an small envelope out of the inside pocket on his jacket. "Here, if you don't believe this is worth the risk of a fairy spanking, I'll go to the gate and turn myself in to them right now." He smiled. "Its been a while since I had a bit of action, you know."

"You're sick man." Mike took the envelope from Hank and stared at the photograph inside for a few moments before he spoke. "Is this real? Don't play around with me Hank. He will kill me if it isn't."

"Yea, it's real." Hank looked as if he had just crossed the finish line of a marathon run and his was the chest to break the yellow line. "I got it from a solid source too."

"Shit. This really is enough to change the world."

"Hell, from what I hear, this is going to change the world whether we make a move or not. I just figure we use it to make sure that the change is in our favor." Hank sighed and looked up at the night's sky. "Look, I'm tired of living this life, hiding behind bushes and trying to hide my size from the locals. I know we all want the same thing Mike. We want freedom. That picture in your hand. That's our ticket out of this shit. I'm trusting you to make it happen."


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