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Fairytales of the FYP World Building - Creating a World Map with TikTok!

I’m embarking on a new journey in writing a collection of short stories, all inspired by the amazing creators I’ve found on TikTok. With limited opportunities to leave the house, there is one thing that was severely missing from my life. The ability to people watch! Working in downtown Chicago, I would sit on my lunch break and become inspired by the people who filled the streets.

TikTok gave me that back in a way that no other social media platform was able to because on TikTok people were being their true selves. Creative, inspiring, and vulnerable. As I scrolled the FYP, each video I saw sparked a story in my mind, and some refused to leave. I always say that a story or idea is nothing more than a gift of energy that the universe presents to you. You can either grab it and run with it or turn away. But if you turn away from it, that energy moves to another person.

This presentation of energy became my upcoming release, Fairytales of the FYP!

Because my journey on TikTok inspired this book, I wanted to include my amazing community there as much as I can in bringing this project to life. During my LIVES, my TikTok family has helped me with creating names for characters, deciding on what types of stories to include, and most recently, they helped me finish building the map for the world! Together we named the last locations of the map and even came up with a few new rules for the world.

I’m so excited to bring this collection to a close and to get the stories out to the Beta readers for feedback.

I’ll be posting more updates about the release as we near it, including my exciting plans for the audio book creation! Until then… enjoy the world map for Novia!

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