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Celebrating POC Authors in Fantasy: C.M. Cevis

C.M. Cevis was born and raised in Baltimore, MD but currently resides in Texas as an IT professional by day and writer by night. Her current chose genre is urban fantasy, as she is a firm believer that reading should be an escape from anything remotely like the world that we live in, and she strives to give her readers that get-away. Life has shaped her into a lover of star wars, a trekkie, a whovian (thanks dad), an introvert, a mother, a gamer... and she can't wait to show you around her world.


Interview with C.M. Cevis

What genre(s) do you write in?

Urban Fantasy

When did you decide that you wanted to write in your Genre?

Before I released my first book. It's the genre that I enjoy most when reading.

What things in your life do you draw inspiration from?

Movies, books I've read, real-world events, my daughters... Everything.

What is the purpose of your writing? Is there a specific message that you hope to convey?


How much of yourself is reflected in your writing?

A lot, in the sense that I think I write who I wish I was at times, instead of who I currently am.

What can readers expect to see from you in the next year? Any new releases, features or celebrations?

Next year, I plan to finish both my Civil Origin series and my Organization series (this one is a maybe, it may keep going). I also have a new series that I'm starting as well.


Excerpt from the book:

The building had been abandoned for about four months, locked up so tight that there weren’t any squatters. It had been a multi-floor nightclub, but the owner had been terrible with money and lost possession of the business. The bank that had seized the property was looking to unload it for cheap, as long as the buyer took it in its current state.

“So what do you think?” Angie asked, walking up to her with a grin. Angie was an awesome real estate agent. And she wore Louboutins every day, which was enough for Willow. Those were some of the most uncomfortable shoes ever manufactured.

“What’s the damage? I know that looking at it isn’t accurate, not for me,” Willow said, with a grin.

Angie shrugged. “There are some load-bearing beams in the main space that need to be repaired, but most everything else is cosmetic. Re-do the floors, walls, maybe doors. You should probably get better windows—these aren’t insulated very well.”

Willow sighed and nodded. “How many floors again?”

“Three.” She followed Willow into the main bar area. “This entry floor was the main space, where he had live music, if there was any. The other two floors were more like VIP areas for the people willing to pay for it. A bit gaudy on the décor currently, but that’s about it,” Angie continued.

The place had real potential, and Willow wouldn’t have to do much to get the bar up and running soon. Which meant it could help pay for the rest of the work being done.

“I’ll take it. Let’s get one more final inspection just to be sure, as soon as possible,” she said.

“I can have someone out by lunch,” Angie said.

That was why Willow liked her and paid her high-ass fees.

“Good. If it all looks solid, get the paperwork going, and call me. The contractors are waiting for word from me already. The second and third floors are going to be the bulk of the work. Since I already have most of the bits and pieces picked out for this area, this place should be up and running quickly,” she said, turning and walking back towards the exit with Angie just behind her.

“And the carpets and walls for the second and third floors?” she asked. Willow paused just inside the door. “I want to let the girls pick their own, so I’ll get them started on that. Most of them are busy getting ready to move down here, but they’re looking out for messages from me, so it shouldn’t take long.”

Angie nodded. “I’ll call you when the inspection is done, let you know the when and where to come sign paperwork, if it comes to that.”

Willow smiled and slipped her shades back on. "Talk to you then.”

She pushed the door open and walked back outside into the sunlight. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get shit done.


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